Travelers for the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) may use the forms below to initiate and edit travel requests.

If you need to edit a current lodging form, whether it has been approved, or it has not been approved for booking yet, please write an email to the following email addresses containing your request ID, and the dates of travel that you originally requested. They will also need to know the new dates of stay requested, in addition to if the property is or will be changing

Click Here to Send the Email to Michael Clingan, Kevin Melvin, and Jim Wint to request a revised travel reservation


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Globetrotter Travel after-hours reservation emergency plan for when a reservation request is needed after 5:30pm for same-day overnight travel.

The plan is for emergencies only and is not for regular use. It must be an emergency because Globetrotter’s business hours for the State of Maryland are 8:00am -5:30pm, Monday – Friday.

There are two points of contact at Globetrotter Travel for after-hours emergencies, Kevin Melvin and Michael Clingan.

Both may be reached by text message only,  (301) 338-8067

Jim Wint may be contacted at 667-210-8789.

The traveler should send the text message to the number with the following prompt:

” This is not a test”

“This is first-and-last-name, and I am in City, State. I need a reservation at the hotel-name.”This is approved by supervisor-name.”

Then proceed with the details of the emergency. Please include a callback phone number.

The use of this service is monitored.  This procedure is only for after-hours emergency hotel reservations only.