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We will do our best to accommodate your requested date and time of the meeting. You will be alerted if your requested date/time cannot be accommodated

Please give as accurate of a number as possible based on history of previous meeting actual attendance. Thank you.

Depending on the number of attendees input above, certain set ups may not be available due to fire code restrictions. You will be advised in writing if your preferred set up cannot be made available.

If microphones are requested, it is said that there will be 1 microphone per person in the hollow square. If you would like to request a different number, click "Other", and fill in the box below.
Globetrotter will do everything they can to accommodate each and every room request with as little deviation as possible. It is urgent that you return this form as soon as possible.

If the name of the meeting changes after submitting the form, especially within the agenda, or details change as to what the room requirements are after you have submitted the form, please email to

Jonathan Godfrey ( and Julia Weyland (

with the name of the meeting as you entered it originally, as well as the new name of the meeting.